Our award-winning competitive team is a year-round commitment. Dancers train to perform in 2-3 competitions in the spring time, as well as community events throughout the year to maximize performance opportunities. Our dancers have proudly received

  • highest overall standings

  • special awards recognizing costuming, emotion, technique, and more

  • scholarships towards regional and international programming

  • best in choreography

  • and much more!

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• TRAINING: your dancer will receive diverse training, further developing skill and technique.

• ECONOMICAL: we have specialty fee structures for competitive families to make this a feasible opportunity!

• EXPERIENCE: dancers will learn to work efficiently, rise above nervousness, focus, and understand the importance of teamwork. They will gain lifelong relationships and become role models as they mature.

• EXPERT FEEDBACK: competitive dancers receive judges’ critiques from experts in the dance field.

• INSPIRATION: dancers will be inspired by watching the best of the best in the Ontario dance community while making valuable connections!



For dancers age 6-11, auditions are held in the form of 9am-5pm camp. For dancers age 12+, auditions are in the form of a class during June and/or July. Auditions focus on the styles offered in our competitive program, including jazz, musical theatre, hip hop, acro, contemporary /lyrical, ballet, and tap. Auditions allow us to place dancers where they will be most successful, while allowing dancers to explore different styles.


Competitive team members must dance during 2 of 3 spring/summer terms to enhance technique, ensure dancers are prepared for fall choreography, and for injury prevention.


Dance conventions allow dancers to work with master teachers from across the globe. They keep dancers current, inspired, and technically sound, while allowing dancers to experience the value in taking class with instructors other than their own.


Competitive dancers will take 3 or more classes, depending on the styles they have been invited to take, and the styles they wish to pursue, amounting to at least 3 classes/week. We try to be considerate when scheduling classes so that some are on the same night for the sake of your family’s schedule. Dancers are required to be in the studio at least two nights/week to avoid injury. Competitive dancers are required to take:

  • Ballet Technique OR Recreational Ballet

  • Conditioning

  • Competitive Choreo Class

Some competitive styles require dancers to take additional classes.

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