Our competitive highland team is a year-round program. Dancers train to prepare for examinations, competitions, and community events to maximize performance opportunities. Our highland dancers learn the BATD syllabus, under the instruction of a qualified BATD member.



Dancers must participate in highland class twice per week in the June, July and August semesters, as well as take at least 1 elective class during 1 of the 3 spring/summer terms (highland electives include Jazz, Ballet, Contemporary, and Conditioning). Spring/summer classes enhance dancers’ technique, ensure they are prepared for summer competitions, and prevent injuries.


Competitive highland dancers will take 3 or more classes. We try to be considerate when scheduling classes so that some are on the same night for the sake of your family’s schedule. Dancers are required to be in the studio at least two nights/week to avoid injury. Highland dancers are required to take:

  • Recreational Highland

  • Competitive Highland

  • Highland Elective (Jazz, Ballet, Contemporary, Conditioning, or Highland Cross-Training)